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The SUMTEC SECURITY promise is based on the uncompromising quality of our materials and a meticulous maintenance service that guarantees complete peace of mind for our customers. Our corporate philosophy, the cornerstone of our renowned prestige, is the reflection of an authentic commitment to excellence. We impose a demanding policy that translates into exceptional value in terms of costs, products and services, reinforcing our competitive position in the market. Maintaining a close and reactive relationship with our clients, our company positions itself as the ideal ally to address and resolve any security challenge that may arise in their facilities.


Security Audits

Any Security Plan must be based on a study of the socioeconomic, work, geographic and political environment that, together with the characteristics of the Company-Client itself, allows for an evaluation of threats.

Review and evaluation of the current state of all security systems and testing of computer vulnerabilities to know if current facilities are capable of resisting and responding appropriately to possible attacks.

Identification of critical assets, of all threats (vandalism, robbery, theft, fires, etc.) and evaluation of the risks associated with them as well as their possible impact. Identification of vulnerabilities (physical and computer) and the scope of their consequences.

According to the results of the study of the current state and the analysis of risks and threats, the sufficiency of the existing facilities and measures will be determined or, on the contrary, the aspects and priorities for the implementation of necessary improvements will be detailed.


Homes / Businesses
Communities of owners
Trailers / Caravans / Boats
Second homes


Office buildings / Shopping centers
Hospitals / Cultural centers
Industries / Hotels / Horse
Parking lots / Sports facilities


We protect the identity of our customers and do not publish information about the locations of our facilities, showing our commitment to privacy.

Technological security

Video surveillance cameras, anti-intrusion systems, anti-theft barriers, parking barriers with license plate reader, access control, people counting cameras, LED deterrent systems, fire detection and fire extinguishing.

Doors and safes

Armored and Armored Doors, High Security Keys, Safes and Security Barriers with product labels.


Communication Balancers, High Security Routers, Firewalls, Cloud Security Systems and 4G and 5G.

Security services

Alarm Receiving Center, Remote Supervision Center, Key Custody and Attendance and Surveillance and Service Auxiliaries.


App connection, disconnection and verification
Access the cameras and receive notifications to verify that everything is fine, under control from your smartphone
The protection of your home/business now on your mobile
We evaluate and optimize your current installation, updating only what is necessary. 99% of the equipment on the market is compatible with our systems. We also carry out periodic maintenance reviews to review/check that all elements of the installation work perfectly. Call us and discover a world of services with SUMTEC SEGURIDAD alarm systems.


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