Sumtec Seguridad

Your safety,
our main objective

20 years
of experience

At SUMTEC we distinguish ourselves by our exclusive dedication to cutting-edge security systems, with a tireless focus on safeguarding property and the integrity of people.


Before starting a security service, we study and plan a security plan that adapts to the needs of each client, based on an analysis of the environment and potential threats.

01 Customer needs

02 Environment analysis

03 Potential threats


Houses, flats,
apartment blocks,
second homes, farms, boats.


Shops, industries, hotels, parking lots, cultural centers, hospitals, sports facilities.


We protect the identity of our customers and do not publish information about the locations of our facilities, showing our commitment to privacy.

Technological security

Video surveillance cameras, anti-intrusion systems, anti-theft barriers, parking barriers with license plate reader, access control, people counting cameras, LED deterrent systems, fire detection and fire extinguishing.

Doors and safes

Armored and Armored Doors, High Security Keys, Safes and Security Barriers with product labels.


Communication Balancers, High Security Routers, Firewalls, Cloud Security Systems and 4G and 5G.

Security services

Alarm Receiving Center, Remote Supervision Center, Key Custody and Attendance and Surveillance and Service Auxiliaries.

Shared commitment to our clients

From official organizations to urban developments, industrial sites or cultural centers, our clients reinforce our commitment to safety by placing their unconditional trust in us. This loyalty drives us to continue innovating to provide a highly specialized security service with a satisfaction guarantee.

Sumtec Seguridad

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